Rate on Trustees Fund Set at 4% for 2014

In the recent meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Church of God Benefits
Board, the entity charged with managing the Ministers’ Retirement Plan, the
return on the Trustees’ Fund was set at four (4%) percent. For the past five
years – 2009 through 2013 – the rate on the Trustees’ Fund has been at four

In a time when fixed return rates remain at a historical low, the Board
determined that it was extremely fortunate that the Ministers’ Retirement Plan
can continue to pay at a rate that greatly exceeds the market rate. While the
Board has projected the rate for the Trustees’ Fund to remain at four percent
in 2014, it is possible that the rate could change based upon market
conditions. If the economy recovers more quickly than anticipated, the rate
could be increased. Conversely, if the economy were to falter, the Board could
lower the rate during the year if such became necessary.

Participants are also reminded that they may invest in three other options
besides the Trustees’ Fund. The other options are all based upon stock funds
and fluctuate with the stock market. Your ability to withstand volatility
should be taken into consideration before making any investment selection.
Further, you should always remember that past performance is not a guarantee of
future performance.

Should you have any questions about investment selection options, please do not
hesitate to call the Member Services staff at the Benefits Board. 


About benefitsboard

Art Rhodes is the President and CEO of the Church of God Benefits Board, Inc. - the administrator of the Ministers' Retirement Plan and the Church Loan Fund, Inc. The corporate offices of the Benefits Board are in Cleveland, TN.
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