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Completing the W-2 Form

By the end of January, the church treasurer must provide an IRS Form W-2 to the pastor and any other staff member that received compensation last year from the church. On the other hand, IRS Form 1099s must be provided … Continue reading

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Employee (W-2) or Self-Employed (1099)?

If you are a pastor or employee of a Church of God church or related entity, you should receive a Form W-2 from your employer by no later than February 1. While many minister (and churches) continue to claim that … Continue reading

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Taxable Christmas Gifts

After the holidays are over, the church must sort out which “gifts” to employees and ministers were taxable and which were not. Generally, it is assumed that no gift is taxable. However, the Internal Revenue Service does not agree with … Continue reading

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Notice to Donors of the Local Church

To avoid jeopardizing the tax deductibility of charitable contributions, churches should advise donors not to file their income tax returns until they have received a written acknowledgement of their contributions from the church. This communication should be in writing. Richard … Continue reading

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