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Understanding the “Valuation” Process

Many participants in the equity (or stock) accounts offered by the Ministers’ Retirement Plan may not fully understand the process of how they make money – or lose money – in their equity accounts. While it is rather simple to … Continue reading

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Social Security Statements are Now Available

The Social Security Administration is now providing online statements for individuals to view the estimated benefits that person will receive when they retire, replacing the paper statements the agency use to mail out a couple months prior to your birthday … Continue reading

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Filing an Amended Return

Finished filling out your tax return and realized you made a mistake? Don’t panic. The good news is you can fix your mistake by filling out a Form 1040X, an amended return. The only downside to filing an amended return … Continue reading

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Are You Saving Enough?

A recent study, led by Fidelity Investments Retirement Savings Assessment, found four out of ten retired households report not having sufficient income to cover their monthly expenses. That means that more than 38% of retired households are struggling to meet … Continue reading

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Does Your Will Control?

It is vital that everyone have a will, regardless if you are 30 years old or 75 years old. Wills are not just for senior citizens. However, you need to be aware that your will may not be the controlling … Continue reading

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Ministerial Housing Allowance Case Advances

The ministerial housing allowance case currently pending before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago involves a lawsuit filed in the Western District of Wisconsin (Federal District Court). The suit was brought by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), … Continue reading

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